Development, dissolution, and a bounce back: into Tehri Garhwal

In Uttarakhand, the only thing that gives the Devtas and temples a stiff competition, numerically, are NGOs and social organisations! After having experienced the well-kept cultural fabric of the Jaunsar-Bawar region, we journeyed towards Tehri Garhwal, to understand the socio-cultural structures and the arts of that area. We were guided and chaperoned by Avatar Singh [...]

In the abode of a thousand Shivas, poverty drives caste co-existence

There are two faces to a coin. Similarly, every story has two sides. One that has been passed down orally for generations and the other that might present evidences that are contrary to the oral tradition. Such is the story of Lakha Mandal, a beautiful stone temple in the Chakrata tehsil of the Jaunsar-Bawar region, [...]

The Himalayan Jeep Mafia

On Ek Potlee Ret Ki’s Himalayan journey, we covered over 20 different villages across all three geographical regions of Uttarakhand. Traveling in the pahaads was as difficult as it was expensive and dangerous. Our attempts to cover more ground was hindered by poor transportation facilities. Putting the unpredictable pahaadi weather aside, it being the Chaardam [...]

​Decending into Darkness: Faith and Religion in the Mountains 

When darkness descends upon the mountains, and the winds make their way through the gorges, the rivers responds with their boisterous gurgles. Nature in all its magnificence prevails over life in the Himalayas. Its pervasiveness seems to have kept man grounded.  Life in the mountains was once soaked in the abundance of nature. Life and [...]