Aisa kya hain us Dhol mein?

“Aisa kya hain us Dhol mein, ki jab Dhol lekar kahin jau, mujhe samman nahi milta" (What is there in the Dhol, that whenever I take it somewhere, I am not respected) Art has enjoyed undisputed importance in social and cultural realms. It is instrumental in the intellectual and spiritual upliftment of human beings. However, [...]

A musical Fakir who crossed the border

  Main gada naheen hoon fakir hoon Main qalandaron ka ameer hoon Mujhe tujh se kuchh naheen chaahiye Mujhe maangne ki ada nah de - Fakir Gulzar Sabri I felt the mystique powers he spoke of surround me, when I found one ascetic’s immortal words to describe another’s monumental life. Across, in search of Music Amidst [...]