Ghotala Rath Yatra 2018

The BJP came to power on the plank of ensuring a Bhrashtachar-mukt Bharat. However, the last four years of the Modi government have been characterized by attacks on institutions and legislations of transparency and accountability. The government is planning to surreptitiously amend the Right to Information Act, which has empowered millions of people across the [...]

Draupadi Amman Festival

Dravidianism is an intrinsic part of Tamil political history. For us at Kaani Nilamum Mupporumai Aniyum (Ek Potlee Ret Ki), Cuddalore has repeatedly given us opportunities to live and experience that history. While in Uttarakhand, we saw and brought out stories on how temple practices have Sanskritised over time, what we saw at the Draupadi [...]

Village Meeting in Naduveerapattu

For over 15 years, nor in the immediate past memory of the residents of Naduveerapattu colony has the system through its administrative arms shown its presence. Even the village assistant (assistants to the village administrative officers/Maniyakkar/Patwari) crosses that pillar that bears the flag of the Dalit identity. Having grasped the ladders of education, youngsters of [...]