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Ranga Mandira Trust Fellowship under Arts In Partnership (Fellowship under AIP)
Ranga Mandira Trust is the parent not-for-profit organization under whose wings the Academy of World Dance/Performance and Indic Studies as well as the School of Performing Arts function.

Ranga Mandira is committed to dissemination of knowledge of the arts, with a social context. In today’s world, it is very important to study performances and practice of the arts, as societal interests. We actively promote various projects that help understand the complex relationship of the arts to its practitioners and people, focusing on issues of gender, community, bias, rights, hegemony, agency etc. It is also our keen interest in creating a passage of transmission of arts to next generations, both within and from the various artiste communities without usurpation, hegemony and discredit. Or

Arts In Partnership is a project that Ranga Mandira Trust has initiated to work with organisations/individuals who work in similar areas of interest as ours. We will identify and engage with their projects to learn, understand, share and help forge partnerships at various levels.

Ranga Mandira has created Fellowships under Arts In Partnership that will enable individuals/organisation who are making a concerted effort in identifying, documenting, assisting and empowering artist and artisan communities.

Ek Potlee Ret Ki, the activist collective is working with indigenous artist, artisan and nomadic communities from across India. Their initiative is exploring the nuanced socio-political structures within communities and its impact on their art, craft and living. Their idea to bring much of their documentation and archival footage to public domain addresses one of the above said goals of Ranga Mandira which is, avoiding usurpation and discredit to hereditary artistes in the process of transmission.

Ranga Mandira finds within the purposes and goals of Ek Potlee Ret Ki an opportunity for partnership. This partnership is to enable us to support the work of Ek Potlee Ret Ki by offering the Fellowship under Arts in Partnership and to empower each other’s works through knowledge sharing as well as to strengthen our social initiatives.

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