Ek Potlee Ret Ki, it’s politics, and ideological strength is rooted in the lessons we learnt by living and working with veteran activists and members of some of India’s foremost sociopolitical movements. Our lives have been shaped by the conviction of these movements, and we owe this collective’s strength to the people who gave us the space to participate, learn, and develop.


Our gratitude and love to our mentors Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey and Shankar Singh of the MKSS and all our friends from Rajasthan and Delhi.


Rakesh Dewan has not only been our guiding light, but a source of friendly introspection.  His kind words of encouragement motivated us to explore the vast cultural expanse of Madhya Pradesh.

lalsingh Lal Singh (foundly, Laluba), a veteran social and political activist from Rajasthan, sowed the initial seeds of Ek Potlee Ret Ki. With his astute political understanding and abundant knowledge on livelihoods and economies, he is our walking, talking rural encyclopedia! He transformed our lives, and stroked in us the passion to work on cultural identities, by singing to us his beloved Kabir’s words.


Ramlal Bhatt (Dehradun, Uttarakhand) and Gajanand ji (Baran, Rajasthan) – entertainers extraordinaires have taught us the importance of music, theatre and puppetry in social communication. We are inspired by their spirit and are grateful to them for showering us with love and support.


Anwar Khan Manganiyar, one of India’s foremost Sangeetkars, has been our pathway to the deserts of western Rajasthan.  Hailing from a community that has faced centuries of oppression and inequalities, despite becoming world renowned, his music is as political as it is devotional. His deep concern for humanity has led us to understand that artistes are also thinkers, and that their minds deserve more than just a singing voice.






Nyaya Samantha Ho Aadhaar, Aisa Rachenge Hum Sansar!

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