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Reimagining Resistance

A month-long residential internship to explore ideas of mobilisation within the democratic framework

India is the largest Democracy in the world.
But what is this Democracy about? Does it go beyond elections and party politics?

Modern Indian history and the present, show us who the movers of this democracy are. The strength lies in us; the citizens of this country. We mobilise ourselves to raise questions, demand our rights and keep an eye on the establishment. We come together to make sure we are heard and keep the true spirit of democracy alive.

Our country boasts of a powerful history of grassroot mobilisations that have led  Governments to implement impactful policies and laws. The Right To Information Act, 2005, continues to be an astounding example of grassroot mobilisation. That was in the 90’s, but with changing times our ideas of how to organise ourselves and seek out what is rightfully ours too are evolving. With developing technology, civil society activations are taking on new and imaginative forms.

In this post truth era, when information and data are of great vitality, social media plays an important role in peoples’ political action. With its unbounded potential for outreach, it constantly renders itself for us to explore, educate and organise thousands in a fraction of time and across continents and cultures. Young Greta Thunberg’s fight against climate change went from being hers, to that of millions of ours through the sheer power of this ubiquitous tool!  

This December, Ek Potlee Ret Ki / Kaani Nilam and Young People for Politics are coming together to offer a one month internship – a modern two pronged approach to civil society activation. The collectives are creating this unique learning opportunity by pooling their individual strengths; of grassroot work, documentation and mobilisation on one hand, with data mining, research and social media outreach on the other. 

This opportunity is designed to help young people better understand assertion of democratic rights, build camaraderie and to reimagine resistance. 

When and Where
We begin on the 2nd of December and will conclude on 29th December, 2019. It will be a residential internship in the coastal district of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu, interns will have to live and work out of the collective’s space.

Anyone with an interest in society, culture and democracy. 

We usually go by the idea – the more the merrier, however our simple house in Cuddalore places a limitation on us. This time, we will be offering this internship only to six participants. If you are interested, fill that application right away!

Both our collectives are looking to welcome new karyakartas / members, on fellowships, in the upcoming year. So we encourage those of you who are looking for work opportunities in the socio-political sector (keep in mind the two pronged approach) to apply. You can use this internship as a prelude learning and launchpad to apply for our upcoming fellowships in 2020.

Since the fellowships are to fill specific needs within the collectives, there are some important skill sets we are looking for in applicants. 

  1. Writing (English and Tamil)
  2. Photography and other documentation skills
  3. Design (Adobe Creative Cloud & other editing software)
  4. Digital Media Management  

If you don’t in particular possess any of the above skills, please do not let that deter you from applying for this internship. Our collectives are learning spaces and we believe skills can be acquired.

To Apply fill the below form: