Potlee in Tamil Nadu

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Ek Potlee Ret Ki in its new Tamil avatar as ‘Kaani Nilam’ is developing its initiatives in the coastal district of Cuddalore. Drawn here by the stark increase in instances of caste violence within schools and among children, the collective will be focusing on issues of child rights and diversity; working specifically with schools in areas of extreme communal tension, building multi-layer interventions to address juvenile involvement in identity-based crimes.

Cuddalore is a district that has lower than average social indicators with inflictions such as impoverishment, illiteracy, unemployment/underemployment etc. The child sex ratio is one of the lowest not just in India, but in the Global South and the predominant factors for such an abysmal state are caste and identity. Envisioned to engage with children affected by such issues and provide support, Kaani Nilam has undertaken extensive mobilisation and advocacy work.

Our Initiatives

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All these activities are undertaken and spearheaded by our collective’s karyakartas (full-time members) with the involvement and help of community volunteers and interns. Each of these engagements are designed, planned and actioned after detailed discussions with concerned communities.

Since Kaani Nilam (Ek Potlee Ret Ki) is not a registered NGO, and functions as a peoples’ collective, we do not take any institutionalised funding. We depend on contributions made by friends and well-wishers of the collective for running our activities and supporting our karyakartas.

If you would like to know details of what financial requirements we have and what our immediate resource needs are, kindly write to us at:

To contribute and support our work, kindly visit this page: https://ekpotleeretki.wordpress.com/contribute/